Employers and Businesses also can make bad impressions

posted by Tribe Human Resources on October 28, 2010


Just as it is vital for candidates to make a great first impression with prospective and potential employers when joining a business, now is the emphasise of the business and employers and their impression in the market to be displayed as an employer of choice. The industry and the attraction of great skills is what makes your business survive; let’s face it your employees are greatest assets for your business to succeed.

As we spend 70-80% of our lives at work the focus has shifted of “just making money”. Now more than ever employees want a work life balance or recognition and reward, not always of monetary value but of recognition of works and services done. Employees also want to work in an environment where they can enjoy coming to work and feel appreciated, as stated before we spend 70-80% of our lives at work. What a life we would have getting out of bed and hating to come to work, to go and work for a miserable boss, come home miserable. This is not only unhealthy for us, but also the productivity of work and morale. Our work affects our life in many ways, it is important for employers and businesses to create an environment that is not only compliant under employment laws, but is beneficial for your business to be successful.

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