4 steps in getting the right person for your company

posted by Tribe Human Resources on October 28, 2010

Plan- look at your project and workload- and plan what your workforce will be. 

What is the strategy behind in getting the person to fit the role?- can you reach an 85% benchmark, and accommodate it?

Communication: let there be no surprises. From the content and wording in the advertisement- to the first phone call to the contract agreement. Make sure that both parties are aware of what is required.

Attraction- pay people what they are worth within the industry.- do not haggle over dollars and sense-( common sense)- if they are the right person for the job and meet a high percentage of your company needs, then get them on board.  Probation periods are a great way to find out if they are what you have hired and what they are looking for in employment. That’s what it is there for.

Reward and Retain- most people stay in a position of their choice for no more than three years. Considerations of items on offer can be the attraction of a bonus or retainment for a project completion or task timeline, a nine day fortnight, professional development and ongoing skill development, to employee of the month. Make sure you not only get the person for the role- you get the commitment for the person to finish the project at 100%, you also get the person staying until the project or task has been completed on time.  

When recruiting for that person to fill a role, remember all the planning and preparation that is involved, that is why it is important to work with people who know people.

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